Some brown people, some not so brown.

Some Hindu, some Muslim, some Dalit, some Jat.

Some women people, some men people.

Do we even know what all these types mean?

Recommended Books for Teachers in Hindi


Isbn: 81-86219-66-8
Author: Safdar Hashmi
Illustrations: Surendaran Nayar
Pp: 16
Price: 30/-
Edition: 2006

Isbn: 81-86219-67-6
Author: Safdar Hashmi
Illustrations: Mohan Das N.N.
Pp: 14
Price: 50/-
Edition: 200

Isbn: 81-86219-64-1
Author: Safdar Hashmi
Illustrations: Arpita Singh
Pp: 16
Price: 50/-
Edition: 2006
Bapu Ka Atihasik Mukadma

Isbn: 81-86219-16-1
Author: Mulkraj Anand
Illustrations: Shamshad Husain
Pp: 40
Price: 50/-
Edition: 1996
Naya Path - October - December 2010

Janwadi Lekhak Sangh Pages 429 Rs. 100/-
Damodar Dharmanand Kosambi

A new book on Damodar Dharmanand Kosambi (in Hindi) edited by Rajendra Sharma, published by SAHMAT was released on January 1, 2010. The book is a collection of essays on and by Kosambi.

Isbn: 81-86219-14-5
Author / Illustrations: Haku Shah
Pp: 32
Price: 50/-
Year: 1995
Edition: 2007
Mote Ram Ka Satyagrah

SBN : 978-81-86219-85-0
ADAPTATION: Safdar Hashmi and Habbi Tanvir
PP: 88
PRICE: 50/-
Samskriti, Chetna, Vichardhara (Yeh Samay 3)

Isbn: 81-86219-12-9
AUTHOR: K.N. Pannikar
PP: 54
PRICE: 20/-
Chowk Chowk Par Gali Gali Main Vol-I

ISBN :978-93-80536-16-3
AUTHOR: Safdar Hashmi
PP: 138
PRICE: 60/-
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