Do you want to know?

What is our first impression when we think of the past? The rulers, their lives and their actions? Do we see them as Hindu or Muslim, Sikh or Christian? Where have we got this impression of history from? Do we believethat all past rulers ruled and governed as either Christian, Hindu, Muslim or Sikh first and rulers or kings thereafter?

If this image of the past and our history is not quite the truth, why not look at history and find out for ourselves what our kings, queens, saints and poets actually did or said about each other?

This could be quite a lot of fun. Lets find out the real answers for ourselves, from the history book in the library or at home, and catch out adults for giving us the wrong answers. And remember to share with us the truths and falsehoods that you find.

1. Who were the Chief Commanders in Shivaji's Army?

2.Who was Shivaji's most trusted foreign secretary?

3. What was the name of one of Shivaji's most trusted servants who was     always close to him and helped him to escape from Agra ?

4. What did Shivaji build right in front of his palace at Raigad next to the     Jagadishver Temple where he went for daily worship ?

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